3! 2! 1! Blast off!


Science Party:

Take off into outer space with this exciting Spark Science party! We start by dressing up as Spark Scientists with our safety goggles and lab coats before we enter "The Lab".  We then witness some spectacular demonstrations such as levitating objects and hair raising tricks! All children will then explode their own pop rockets, before creating a take home experiment of either Squiddy, magnetic density bottles or larva lamps. This party would not be complete without toilet roll take off and our incredible rocket launch!

What does this party include?

  • Downloadable party invitation templates for your guests

  • Use of Science Lab kit for every child.

  • An unforgettable party experience lasting between 75 - 90 minutes for up to 10 guests.

  • An interactive show where children discover the Vann Der Graff generator whilst learn about electricity, magnets and forces. 

  • Interactive experiment: Pop rockets

  • Take home for every child. Choose from:

    • Squiddy

    • Magnetic bottles

    • Lava Lamps

  • Science birthday celebration​ - a novel way to blow out birthday candles! 

  • Grand finale: Rocket Launch



Zurich, Switzerland

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