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Our Story

In 2019 Spark Science began its journey offering exciting, unforgettable, educational experiences that aim to develop passion for science, sports and learning new skills.

Childhood is precious and we help to make it magical by providing enriching experiences where children can explore new passions in a nurturing, encouraging environment. 

Hello and welcome to Spark Science!


We are so excited to share our passion with you! Our mission is to  make science enjoyable and relevant to children to educate, inspire and entertain our next generation!


There is a huge focus on academic achievement and of course that is important but sometimes the love of learning gets lost. We aim to instil a passion for science creating amazing, unforgettable experiences that will intrinsically motivate children to investigate and stay curious about the world in which they live.

Spark Science was started by Electric Emma in 2019. Emma taught in a range of secondary schools in various countries across the world for over 10 years but felt the magic of science was getting lost in a world of exams and she wanted to make the learning more practical. She wanted the children to associate the word science with excitement, fun, engagement and provide an opportunity to be curious pursue because they are interested and not because they have to.


Emma has been creating parties, camps and workshops with different themes but all related to science. For example, camps like Superheroes of Science , Mission to Mars, Survival Science and Hogwart`s Magic, or parties such as Rainbows and Unicorns, Bubbles, Bangs and Burning, Dino Dig and Potions Party! This year, we have created a range of workshops that can run every week for a whole school year and not repeat once! These workshops are designed to compliment school curriculum science and provides opportunities for children to develop socially, physically and emotionally as well as promoting academic achievement.

Emma`s programmes are always about the whole child. We value communication, mathematical and scientific skills in addition to teamwork, creativity, empathy and self esteem; attributes vital to be happy, healthy and successful in all aspects of life, growing up and as a well rounded adult. ​

Our Team


Electric Emma

Director and Lead Party Presenter (English) 

Electric Emma started Spark Science in 2019 after 10 years teaching high school science in various countries. She is passionate about science and child development and decided to create her own set of engaging programmes aimed to inspire a love of learning and STEM education and help make children`s experiences with science unforgettable.

Emma plans the workshops, leads the camps, and co-ordinates and leads our parties.


Kilowatt Katy

Lead Party Presenter / Camp Leader (English / German)

Kilowatt Katy has many years of experience in working with children at camps and workshops at Zurich International School.


Kilowatt Katy has been working for Spark Science for over a year now leading the parties, camps and after schools workshops. 


Alongside working for Spark Science, Katy is also training to be a tattoo and body piercing artist.

Katy speaks English (mother tongue) and German as a second language.

Our Trusted Partners

At Spark Science we understand the value of community. We work with other small and medium sized businesses so we can not only help each other but also offer our customers what they need. We are proud to work with the following companies. For information about becoming a partner and how we might be able to support each other or collaborate send an email to


Rental venues we can recommend for your birthday party


Storycraft Studio

Bahnhofstrasse 3, Ruschlikon, 8803

Contact: Lemady Rochard


Tel: 076 294 8254


Creative You

Glärnischstrasse 1, 8800, Thalwil

Contact: Gabriella Györfi


Tel: 079 823 86 13


Holmes Place. Kids

Holmes Place Kids Club,

Seestrasse 97, 8942 Oberrieden

Contact: Simona Marina


Tel: 044 722 53 20


Wollishofen GZ

Zürcher Gemeinschaftszentren.

Bachstrasse 7. 8038

Contact: Jeanette Bruggmann


Tel: 044 482 63 49

Catering Services we can recommend

Partners (1).png


Event Catering and Photography. 

Contact: Daniela Baumgartner

Email: Tel: 044 722 53 20


The Cake Lady

Zurich, CH

Contact: Dançoise Koechler


Tel: 043 399 9898

Other Great Services


YIA - Robotic and Programming


Tel: 076 558 10 04

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