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Hello and welcome to Spark Science! I am so excited to share my passion with you! My name is Emma. I am a qualified secondary school science teacher and have over 10 years experience teaching children and young people science at all levels (from pre-school to college) in various locations, around the world. 


I decided to pursue my dream for making science enjoyable and relevant to children by setting up my own business to educate, inspire and entertain our next generation of future scientists!


There is a huge focus on academic achievement and of course that is important but sometimes the love of learning gets lost. I want to instill a passion for science and create amazing, unforgettable experiences that will intrinsically motivate children to investigate and stay curious about the world in which they live.

I have created programmes that fit in with school curriculum science but also aim to provide opportunities for children to develop socially, physically and emotionally as well as promoting academic achievement. My programmes value communication, mathematical and scientific skills in addition to teamwork, creativity, empathy and self esteem; attributes which I consider vital to be happy, healthy and successful in all aspects of life. ​

​When children look back on their childhoods in years to come I want them to remember science as their favourite and most exciting subject. I want to provide opportunities for them to grow in confidence and inspire them to pursue STEM careers. However, most of all, I want children to be happy and healthy, and to have the best childhood they can.

Knowing that I may have had a small part in achieving this gives me great satisfaction.


I feel very grateful to be able to share my passion for science and am privileged to have the opportunity to

inspire our youngsters and positively contribute to their lives. 


To everyone who has and continues to support me in this journey, Thank you!

Meet Our Team...

Lightning Lyz 

Fusion Fabian 

Chemical Christi

This is Lyz with her furry baby, Jessy! Lyz is English and speaks fluent German. She has many years of experience in Events Mangement, hospitality and working with kids of all ages. Lyz is involved in alot of the admin, social media and booking side of Spark Science and you will also see her at parties and holiday camps!

This is Fusion Fabian/Forscher Fabian, he is Swiss and here leading a Rainbows and Unicorns Party. He is currently doing a Master's degree in Psychology at the university of Zurich. He is a huge science enthusiast/science nerd and love spreading the joy of it with cool and interesting experiments.

This is Chemical Christi with her two children at our Science and Sport Space Camp in July 2020. She created and lead all of the sporting activites and designed all of our little Astronauts' most important documents.  You will see her at our Hogwarts Camp in October too! 


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