Party Add-Ons

Choose to add cotton candy, SubZero Science, party bags and more to create an unforgettable party!

Dry Ice Experiments

Dry Ice is frozen carbon dioxide that sublimes from solid to gas without becoming liquid. It is more dense than air and so it sinks forming spectacular white vapour clouds across your living room floor!

This add on is themed to each party type. We offer different but equally spectacular dry ice Add-Ons depending on the party theme you choose as your basic package.

Subzero Science is for the Bubbles, Bangs and Burning Party, Mystical Magic for the Rainbows and Unicorns party and Ice Age is for Dino Dig.


Cotton Candy

Discover the science of spun sugar and delight your guests with this sweet treat!

We make the cotton candy at your home and the children can watch as its made fresh in front of them!


Gift Bags

A selection of incredible science themed toys to match each party theme! Choose your party bags to match your party theme!

Bubbles, Bangs and Burning

Thank your guests for coming with 7 exciting and educational science toys including rattle magnets, superabsorbent polymers (Insta-Snow), Sticky splat creature, and much more!

Rainbows and Unicorns

Keep the children entertained with crafty and science themed toys including a puzzle book, colour-your-own unicorn mug and much more!

Dino Dig

Prolong the fun at home with 7 magical science themed toys including a snap bracelet and make your own dino kit!


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