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Hogwarts Magic Camp

Wands at the ready as we adventure to Olivanders` and make our very own circuit light up wand. Discover secrets of the Marauder’s map, mix up exciting potions and learn all about sublimation with dry ice. Recreate the Philosophers stone with UV light learn to care for magical creatures at the snake zoo. Dissect owl pellets and participate in a range of Harry Potter themed sporting activities including bludger dodging, snitch catching, Quidditch and the Triwizard tournament. Every day we provide healthy, tasty snacks and lunch. At break and lunch time children can play on the adventure playground, enjoy muggle sports like football, or take part in a range of themed wizarding crafts.

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Hogwart`s Magic Camp

Hogwart`s Magic Camp

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This holiday day camp takes part on a Static Ship in Wollishofen. Drop off is from 9:00 - 9:30 during which time the children can play, craft or relax. At 9:30 we start our camp and come together to talk about the exciting day ahead. We split into two age groups and each group takes part in either sport or a magical science workshop. At 11:00 we have a little snack and playtime break before we switch workshops / sports. 

We usually have lunch at about 13:00 before starting our afternoon activities of more science and either sports or a craft. At 16:00 we start to get the children ready for pick up at 16:30 approx. 

Please ensure you child brings a water bottle (with their name on), waterproof outdoor play clothes, and a change of clothes (just in case). 


Lunch and a snack is included. Breakfast is not included..


We are able to offer early drop off from 8:30 and late pick up until 17:00 for a fee of 10CHF per half an hour. 

Photo gallery from Hogwart`s Magic camp from previous years

The photos below show some of the fun we have had at this camp in the past!

Please note: The activities and programme changes slightly every time we run this camp.