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Spark Science. Party Booking Form

Party Information:

To book your party please complete the following information.

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All our parties require a space on the floor where the children can sit around the presenter in a circle. We also need a table where the children can stand comfortably around when they do their experiment. 

When we use Dry Ice we need to ensure windows and doors are open to ensure good ventilation throughout. 

Children must not eat and drink whilst doing the experiments and must wash their hands after the entertainment before eating. 

Some parties are suitable for all children aged 5-11 years old. Other parties like Harry Potter have a recommended age of 8. This is because we often finbd that children younger than 8 are not yet into Harry Potter.

Parties start at 10:30 or 14:30 and last from 1-2 hours depending on the Add on`s you choose. Our presenters arrive 20-30 minutes in advance of the party to set up. We recommend you invite the guests 15 -30 minutes before the science activities start so they don't arrive late and miss out! 

Client Details

Birthday Child`s details:

Preferred language of party. Please note, our presenters first language is English. We can offer German on request.

Party theme

Main Experment within the party

Party Add Ons

Optional Add on: Cotton Candy
Optional Add ons: Dry Ice
Optional Add on: Party bags
Optional Add on: up to 15 total guests

A week prior to the party we will get in touch via telephone and discuss all the options. At this point it might still be possible to make changes. After we have gone through all the details via the phone we will send you an invoice. We politely ask you to make the full payment before the party.

Select your party and add ons

Thank you for booking

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