Inspiring science after school or at home!​

STEM focus

Programmes are designed to provide opportunites for the development of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical skills

Spark Science workshops:

Join us throughout the year with our engaging, exciting and educational one-off workshops designed to capture children's imagination and instil a love of learning from an early age. Come and discover the science behind bath bombs! Experiment with slime and all its variants! Make bouncy balls and investigate their properties! Design and pour Christmas candles or soap! Make instant ice cream using the power of science and much more! To keep updated about all our events and workshops why not subscribe to our newsletter?!

Up and coming workshops:

Candle Lab

Wednesday 15th Jan. 15:30 - 16:30

35 CHF. Age: 7+

Discover states of matter and changes of state between solids, liquid and gas as we design and create our very own Christmas candles! Children will craft their own candle holders to display their masterpiece!


Holmes Place, Oberrieden

Slime Lab

2nd Tuesday of each month from Jan 2020

16:30 - 17:30.

20 CHF. Age: 4-11. 

Investigate incredible properties of materials and experiment with your own lab made slime! We have a different theme each month!

January: Fluffy Snow Slime!

March: Rainbow Glitter slime! 

April: Magnetic Slime


Wollishofen GZ, Bachstrasse 7, 8038. Saal 20 (Ground floor)

Science Workshops

4th Tuesday of every month. 

16:30 . 17:30

An opportunity to come and try out one of our workshops. We do different things each month such as rainbow tubes, bath bombs, candles, soaps, slime, and much more. Discover the science and get creative!


Wollishofen GZ, Bachstrasse 7, 8038. Saal 20 (Ground floor)

One off workshops:

Spark Science 6 week programme:

Spark Science have a new and unique set of 6 consecutive workshops for children aged from 7-11 years aimed at developing passion for science and STEAM based learning. Our exciting programme complements and extends the existing school curriculum with hands-on activities, spectacular demos and incredible learning experiences. Throughout the programme we build on knowledge of scientific concepts and experimental techniques giving children an in-depth and exciting introduction to the magical world of lab science!

What will my child learn and discover in this programme?

Fire safety

Discover how to safety light a Bunsen burner!

Learn how to stay safe in the lab, recognise hazards and achieve your Bunsen burner license!

Magical mixtures

Discover acids and alkalis by mixing rainbows!

Uncover the differences between substances by using scientific skills to prepare our own indicator. Have fun with rainbow colours and mixing to make neutral! 

Kitchen Chemistry

What is the scientific method?

Discover the perfect recipe by experimenting with variables, develop important scientific skills such as measuring, predicting and evaluating. Learn about the science of spun sugar and take home delicious cotton candy!

Perfect Polymers

Create your own bouncy ball and discover amazing properties of materials

We investigate uses and properties of material such as superabsorbant polymers and discover the uses spherification as we create our own slime strands!

DNA Discovery!

What makes me unique?

Observe cells and discover why we are are different. In this exciting workshop​ we will extract DNA and observe cells through a microscope!

Luminous Light

Engineer a periscope!

Design and create your own spy toy using the law of reflection to snoop around corners! We investigate how light travels and the colours it is made from!

Past Events

26th October / 27th October. 10:30am

Halloween pottery party

Witness a magical halloween show with dry ice before making beautiful halloween themed pottery at Creative You! Ages 4-10 years.


Creative You. Thalwil

Wednesday 30th October. 16:30 - 18:00

Halloween at Holmes Place

16:30 - 18:00. Ages: 4-10

Make amazing halloween crafts, play games, dress up and witness an incredible halloween science show!


Holmes Park Place, Seestrasse 97, 8942 Oberrieden

Thursday 31st October. 19:30 - Late

Ladies night at Creative You

20CHF entry includes two spooky cocktails. Choose to create a magic bowl or another pottery piece starting from 39CHF!


Creative You. Alte Landstrasse 144, 

Thalwil, 8800

The Hot Air Balloon Adventures! (Passed event)

Book Reading and Science Workshop with Emma Thornton from Spark Science and Annahita de la Mare, author of The Hot Air Balloon Adventure Stories. SOLD OUT!

We read “The Start of Something Big” and  “The Perfect Day” - beautifully illustrated books for 4-7 years olds encouraging children to be brave, to be adventurous, to apply science to every day life, and to and enjoy the great outdoors. We discussed the science behind hot air balloons with exciting demonstrations before making our very own air balloons. 



Zurich, Switzerland

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