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Dino Dig

Explore an ancient dig site discovering fossils and prehistoric remains! Take care of the baby dinosaur eggs - they`re ready to hatch! Create a fossil of your own and witness an incredible volcanic eruption. Age 5-11.

What does this party include?

  • An unforgettable 1 hour party experience for up to 12 guests.

  • An interactive show with exciting demonstrations.

  • Each child will get to make and take home their own insect in amber fossil necklace!

Dino Dig

Cost: 350chf

Number of children: Up to 12 (this includes birthday child)


Age: 5 - 11 years


Dates: 10:30 or 14:30 Saturday / Sunday (other days might be possible on request).


Location: We come to you. We can come to your home or a rented venue of your choice


Please note: Up to 30 minutes from Zurich 8926 we travel to you for free. Upon request we may be able to drive further (up to maximum of 50 minutes) for an additional fee to cover presenter time and milage.


Enough space for the children and presenter to sit on the floor in a circle. 

A table with enough space for all the children and presenter to stand around.

Water / drain access.

Add Ons:

Dry Ice: Witness exciting experiment demonstrations with frozen carbon dioxide that sublimes from solid to gas without becoming liquid. It is more dense than air and so it sinks forming spectacular white vapour clouds all across your living room floor! 

Required: Good air ventilation (eg. an open window or door - this is for safety).


Cotton Candy: Surprise your guests with this sweet treat of colourful, aerated, centrifugally spun sugar and learn about the edible science of candy floss!

Required: access to electricity.

Party Bags:  Take away the hassle of preparing your own gift bags and let us do that for you. Our party bags contain the perfect selection of well thought out, fun, science themed toys. This themed party bag includes a colour yourself dino mug, a dino glider plane, a make your own dino putty kit, a dino snap band and a dino puzzle book and rainbow stacker pen.

On request we might be able to cater for a larger group of children. In this case we need to see if an additional presenter is available to supervise. This is for safety and ensures a high quality experience for the children. Please contact us directly before booking to see if this is possible.

Happy parents, happy children!

Had Emma and Katy for a Dino Dig Party for my kid's birthday and I can only recommend them. They were very professional and the kids had a blast. Many of kid's friends do not understand well English, and Katy did a great job explaining everything in German for them.

Cindy C. February 2022

Just cannot say enough nice things about Emma! My older one loves here. Every camp and birthday party we have had with Spark Science have been just amazing and with long lasting memory.

Tal S, April 2022

We recently had a birthday party with the spark science team and it was amazing! The kids were hyped. Tons of cool experiments and a truly exceptional and unforgettable birthday party!!

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