Dino Dig!

Science Party:

Come on an epic adventure as we become party going palaeontologists! Equipped with safari hats and excavation kits we enter the dig site to discover ancient archeological remains. After uncovering a dino nesting ground we help our baby dinosaurs to hatch! Choose whether your guests will make a dinosaur rock fossil or an insect in amber necklace to take home before witnessing an explosive volcanic eruption - large enough to cause a mass dino extinction... until the next time!

What does this party include?

  • Downloadable party invitation templates for your guests

  • Use of excavation kit for every child (safari hat, bucket, digging tools) and the use of the palaeontologist kit for the birthday child (jacket, binoculars, torch, magnifying glass).

  • An unforgettable party experience lasting around 60 minutes for up to 10 guests.

  • An interactive show where children excavate a dig site, find dinosaur bones and discover new species. 

  • Take home for every child. Choose from:

    • Make a fossilised dinosaur skeleton

    • Make an preserved insect in amber necklace

  • Witness an explosive volcanic eruption!


Ice Age: Why did the dinosaurs become extinct? One theory is that there was an ice age and these cold blooded creatures couldn't cope with the extreme temperature change. Discover this and more with spectacular dry ice experiments. 

Dino themed party bags: Each party bag contains play doh, dinosaur rainbow scratch paper, bone pen, dino snap bracelet, dino glider plane, a mini magnifying glass, dino tattoo sheet and some dino candy!

Cotton Candy: Discover the science of spun sugar and treat your guests to a fresh and delicious stick of cotton candy!