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Holiday Camps

Join the fun with our active and engaging science and sport camps. Take part in exciting science work-shops, get active with sports, make new friends and have a blast.


2024 camps open for registration! 

Spring Camp at Four-Forest

8th - 12th April 2024

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Superheroes of Science 

Discover your inner superhero as we fly like Superman at Windwerk indoor skydiving, get strong like the hulk with circuits and obstacle courses and discover the scientific theories behind real and fictional superheroes. Extract DNA and discover how mutations and differences cause us all to be unique. Take part in superhero self-defence, learn to shoot with a bow and arrow and discover gymnastics with Spiderman! Investigate the tensile strength of Spiderman`s web juice, make colour changing slime and create a storm in a bottle!

Julie N, Sept 2023

Electric Emma and the Spark Science team provide such a wonderful camp experience. Both our girls went this summer for a week to the Mission to Mars camp and absolutely loved it, and told us stories from the second they were picked up until the moment they fell asleep. They loved the variety of activities, and told us all about the cool things they learned about space, astronauts, the solar system (and building their own models with working lights!), coding robots, geodes, building rockets, slime, making parachutes, the field trip to the planetarium, and all the other sports and fun activities along the way. They really liked all of the instructors and enjoyed making new friendships that will hopefully continue outside of the camp as well.

Thank you so much Spark Science for making science so fun and so accessible!

Joanne W, April 2023

Such an incredible camp! We've done three science camps now and our little seven year old raves about every one! She wakes up every morning excited to attend and has a spring in her step when I pick her up. The group leaders are supportive, friendly and reassuringly provide a daily breakdown of what the children have been doing throughout the day. Thank you to everyone from Spark Science. We're lucky to have you in Zurich, what an A-Team you all are.

Caleb G, July 2019

My son attended a week long Spark Science camp this past summer and had an absolute blast. He was exposed to a lot of new concepts and ideas during the camp, which fueled his enthusiasm for science. Emma's passion for science and teaching children is clear. I overheard a girl tell her mother, at the end of the second day of camp, "this was the best day of my life!" Emma clearly went the extra mile to ensure her camp was an unforgettable experience for the children. I would send my son back in an instant.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you provide lunch?

At the camp at Four-Forest we ask children to bring their own lunch and snacks for the day. We do not have permission to provide lunch from the school board. 

What is your refund policy?

The earlier you cancel the more money we can refund you minus processing fees.

For more details, please click: TERMS AND CONDITIONS

What language is the camp led in?