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Commitment to safety

Our utmost priority here at Spark Science is and always will be safety of the children in our care. 

We risk assess every experiment, activity and service with the utmost care and attention to detail. We ensure all our products and services meet and adhere to Swiss Government guidelines and regulations.

Building Blocks


We follow all government guidelines to minimise and stop the spread of corona.

Slime Safety

We make slime safety with non toxic ingredients that adhere to percentages based on Swiss Government guidelines for toy safety. All ingredients we use can be bought in Switzerland and are normal household products. We issue safety guidelines verbally during the parties and workshops that non of our products are edible. Parents should ensure our products are kept away from small children and animals - just as you would normal shop bought slime. 

Bath Bomb Safety

The take home experiment bath bombs are made with non-toxic, harmless ingredients. The ingredients are specifically designed for making bath bombs. However, sometimes the children tend to add a lot of colour. This can result in the bath sides being stained. It will wash off with soap. This can also sometimes stain skin and it will also require a good wash to get it off. We do not recommend using if you child has very sensitive skin and if you would normally avoid new cosmetic products. 

Spark Science product safety

Some of our products contain small items that might be a choking hazard for small children, babies and animals. Keep out of reach of young children. 

Spark Science party safety

We provide safety goggles for children to wear when appropriate during experiments. All experiments are carefully risk assessed to minimize risk to children, adults and venue. 

Lab coats (and sometimes safety goggles) are provided during some parties but are more for dress up that safety or protection as they are not always needed. We provide covers to prevent damage to furniture and floors. We ask all children to stay around the table when making their experiments to try to contain the mess and provide small hand washing bowls so they do not have to go through the house with dirty hands. Spark Scientists take every care to ensure they leave your venue sparkling clean. 

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