Science Discovery Programme!

One off workshops:

Spark Science have a new and unique set of 6 consecutive workshops for children aged from 7-12 years aimed at developing passion for science and STEAM based learning. Our exciting programme complements and extends the existing school curriculum with hands-on activities, spectacular demos and incredible learning experiences. Throughout the programme we build on knowledge of scientific concepts and experimental techniques giving children an in-depth and exciting introduction to the magical world of lab science!

Next programme dates: Wednesday 19th August - 23rd September 2020. 15:30 - 16:30.

Age: 7-12 years

Location: Wollishofen GZ. Saal 20. Bachstrasse 7, 8038

What will my child learn and discover in this programme?


Discover fireworks, foaming fountains and chemical reactions!

Children create their own lab badge and dress up as real scientists before discovering different chemcial reactions including coloured flames and erupting foamy fountains!

DNA Discovery!

What makes me unique?

Discover the world in minature as we prepare our own sample slides and use a microscope to analyse it! Then we extract DNA and make it into a wearable necklace!

Perfect Polymers

Create your own bouncy ball and discover amazing properties of materials

We investigate uses and properties of material such as superabsorbant polymers and discover the uses spherification as we create our own gloop polymer!

Super Static!

Hair raising fun!

Discover how lightening is created and how static electricity is formed! We experiment with static and discover the Vann Der Graff generator!

Magical mixtures

Discover acids and alkalis by mixing rainbows!

Uncover the differences between substances by using scientific skills to prepare our own indicator. Have fun with rainbow colours and mixing to make neutral! Is it magic or science?!

Sweet Science!

Become a candy expert!

A lot of science goes into making sweets - and we are ready to find out! Discover density with sugar rainbows, make your own fizzing sherbet, experiment with diffusion and discover the science of spun sugar as we celebrate the end of our programme with deliciously fluffy cotton candy!