Science Discovery Programme!

One off workshops:

Spark Science have a new and unique set of 6 consecutive workshops for children aged from 7-11 years aimed at developing passion for science and STEAM based learning. Our exciting programme complements and extends the existing school curriculum with hands-on activities, spectacular demos and incredible learning experiences. Throughout the programme we build on knowledge of scientific concepts and experimental techniques giving children an in-depth and exciting introduction to the magical world of lab science!

Starts: Wednesday 26th Feb - 1st March 2020. 15:30 - 16:30.

Age: 7-11 years

Location: Wollishofen GZ

What will my child learn and discover in this programme?

Fire safety

Discover how to safety light a Bunsen burner!

Learn how to stay safe in the lab, recognise hazards and achieve your Bunsen burner license!

Magical mixtures

Discover acids and alkalis by mixing rainbows!

Uncover the differences between substances by using scientific skills to prepare our own indicator. Have fun with rainbow colours and mixing to make neutral! 

Kitchen Chemistry

What is the scientific method?

Discover the perfect recipe by experimenting with variables, develop important scientific skills such as measuring, predicting and evaluating. Learn about the science of spun sugar and take home delicious cotton candy!

Perfect Polymers

Create your own bouncy ball and discover amazing properties of materials

We investigate uses and properties of material such as superabsorbant polymers and discover the uses spherification as we create our own slime strands!

DNA Discovery!

What makes me unique?

Observe cells and discover why we are are different. In this exciting workshop​ we will extract DNA and observe cells through a microscope!

Luminous Light

Engineer a periscope!

Design and create your own spy toy using the law of reflection to snoop around corners! We investigate how light travels and the colours it is made from!



Zurich, Switzerland

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