Spark Science at Home

Encourage your child to explore the magic of science with our incredible Science Discovery Kits. Since the outbreak of the Corona Virus we don't want the learning and love of science to stop so we quickly adapted our services to help parents homeschool their children. This exciting new concept contains a selection of engaging experiments that you can do together with your children at home and provides all the necessary equipment. These experiments are tried and tested and come with an online instruction guide as well as video explanation to help and guide you through! All our experiments are based on STEAM concepts (Science, Technology Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) which means they are a great way to support your child with hands on learning at home. 

This kit includes equipment and instructions for the following science experiments: Bath bombs, Larva lamps, Magnetic Magic, Magnetic Maze, Ferrofluid, Squiddy and Pop rockets.

For more information or to buy a kit contact us now! We have a limited quantity because we cannot renew our supplies during this time. 

Pop rockets!
Make Bath Bombs
Science Discovery Kit
Make a magnetic wand!
Design a Magnetic Maze!
Watch Squiddy Dive!
Investigate larva lamps
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The experiments!

What's in the kit?

What do I need from home?

  • Cellotape

  • Scissors

  • Water

  • Cups / beaker

  • Bowl

  • Tablespoon

  • Coloured pens

Optional items

  • Flashlight

  • Food colour

  • Permanent marker pen

What does the kit contain?

The kit contains 8 science experiments with downloadable written and video instructions. Follow with me, Electric Emma, as I explain how to do each experiment and the science behind it! Make bath bombs, larva lamps, magnetic density bottles, magnetic mazes, ferrofluid, Squiddy, pop rockets and periscopes! The kit contains all the items you really need for each experiment and requires a few things most people already have a home including: a bowl, spoon, scissors, colouring pens,  cellotape, permanent marker pen, recycled drinks bottle, food colour (optional), flashlight (optional).

For how long will it occupy my children?

Each experiment lasts between 10-30 minutes. There is an additional challenge activity so the children can take it further and make it into a real experiment to discover interactively!

Is adult assistance required? 

The experiments are designed to do together but depending on your child they could be done alone as well. The videos that go with the experiment show you and your child how to do each stage step by step.