Superhero Science

Camp 1: 18 - 22nd April 2022 

Camp 2: 25th - 29th April 2022

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Typical Camp week

Camp Outline.png

We encourage children to participate but this week is all about having fun. If children prefer to sit an activity out we have alternative things including crafts, reading and games. We also have access to an incredible adventure playground that children can enjoy at break and playtime.

Camp Lunch

Morning Snack:

Fruits (dependant but could be: strawberries, blueberries, pinapple, watermelon, apples, bananas, tangerines)


Bread rolls / crackers

Hard boiled eggs

Snack veggies (pepper, cucumber, carrots etc)

Afternoon snack:

Apples, Bananas, Tangerines

Cake / sweet bread

Typical Lunch Menu:

Monday: Pasta and Meat / veggie balls

Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas

Wednesday: Hot dogs

Thursday: Packed lunch for trip

Friday: Pizza


Veggie alternatives are available. No nuts at camp.

Every day we have a selection of side salads such as: lettuce, cherry tomato, cheese, hard boiled eggs, snack cucumbers, snack peppers, snack carrots.

We encourgage the children to have a rainbow plate but provide options for picky eaters where everything is seperate and they can choose things they like.


We are also adaptable so if you have ideas or suggestions about lunch please let us know.