Witches, Wizards and Wands!

Science Party:

(Inspired by J.K Rowlings Harry Potter books).

Aspiring witches and Wizards must first be sorted into their respective houses using coloured flames and the magic of the sorting hat. Each child gets to wear their house ties and throughout the party will gain experience of how to safety use a wizarding wand. Children will witness spells like Lumos - the magic light source provided from a wand, discover the effect of Weasley´s Wildfire Wizzbangs (unstoppable fireworks that are charmed to explode and multiple) and uncover hidden messages straight from the diary of Tom Riddle himself. Each child will create their very own marauders map to take home. Each child will create their very own poly juice potion, cast a birthday charm in the pensive and the birthday child will take home a vial of genuine Felix Felicia (liquid luck)!

What does this party include?

  • Use of house ties and wands

  • Witness the powerful magic of the Howart`s professors with coloured flames and mystical vapour!

  • Create magical potions using secrets from the half blood Prince!

  • Uncover hidden messages from the diary of Tom Riddle!

  • Cast a birthday wish in Dumbledore´s spectacular pensive!

  • Enchanting spells and charms!

  • Birthday child receives a vial of Liquid Luck in a necklace to take home




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