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After School Clubs

Our engaging after school programmes develop scientific enquiry and concepts through hands on, exciting experiments.

Have fun and discover science!

Age 5-7 and 8-11


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Zurich International School

New course: March 6th 2024

After School Workshops

Spark the love of science with our brand new after school programmes.

Our workshops are hands on, practical and exciting as well as educational. We aim to inspire a love for science from an early age. Workshops include Sublime science with dry ice and magical potions, creating soaps, bath bombs and jewellery as well as erupting volcanoes, pop rockets and much more!  

Institute Montana Zug Summer Team, Velia T, August 2022 

One of the best professionally organized workshop we ever had the pleasure to have at the summer camp for our Science programme. Wonderful with students, inspiring curiosity and fun, we will do it again! thank you Emma and Spark Science

Jo, Institute Montana Zug, 2022

Emma really does capture the childrens' attention, making the courses fun as well as highly educational. The subjects she chooses are engaging, interesting and achieve great results which the children were keen to talk about and explain to me after. On occasion I would take a peek in the class to see how it was going and was amazed at how focussed and keen they were. Emma has a great knack of making all the children feel included and asking questions as she goes along which they are eager to answer. Really great to see their delight, enthusiasm and engagement. They could not wait for the following week for the next class and it was always easy to get them to arrive on time if not early for their session! Highly recommend Spark Science as an after school club or for an event or private party.

Julia, 2021

A workshop with Electric Emma from Spark Science is a fantastic adventure. Emma is very sweet, knows how to handle things and can always fascinate the children. Thanks Emma, ​​it was great! Gust & Julia

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I sign my child up for a workshop?

Sign up depends on the school. For ZIS sign up you can sign up and pay through Spark Science website. For all other schools sign up and registration must be done through their after school activity programme.

What is the cost of the programme?

Our workshops cost 35chf per session. This includes all materials.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you book directly through Spark Science and your child cannot continue the following week please let us know within two days after the first workshop. We can refund you for the future sessions minus admin charges taken upon payment through our website. 

If there is something worrying you please let us know - maybe we can help.

We cannot refund if your child misses sessions.

How many children are there per workshop?

Our workshops can operate with 8 children signed up to the course. The maximum number per workshop is 12 children.

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