Science and Sport Camps

Make friends, learn skills, discover science!

Our camps ignite passion for learning, introduce scientific enquiry skills and concepts, develop English language and are active and engaging. Your child will make new friends, develop confidence in their abilities and get to try out a wide selection of exciting sporting activities. All of our camps are led by qualified and experienced science, English and sports teachers.


All camps are going ahead and all parents should have now recieved an email with information. If you haven`t received this please check your junk mail or email me and I will resend! Thank you! 

Summer Camp 1:   13th - 17th July (FULLY BOOKED)

Summer Camp 2: 27th-31st July 2020 (FULLY BOOKED)

Summer Camp 3:   10th - 14th August 2020  (FULLY BOOKED)

Get ready to launch as we set off on our MISSION TO MARS and explore Outer Space! Learn to code space rovers, design and launch rockets, investigate moon rocks, discover aliens, create your own Martian flavoured ice cream and so much more! Take part in space themed sports including football, gymnastics, archery, tag rubgy and enjoy our incredible slip and slide and water games! Join us for an exciting astronomy evening. This is optional for children and families at our camp - we will observe the planets, stars and moons through using telescopes, search for constellations and children will create their own telescopes to take home. It´s going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Time: 9:30am -  16:30pm (flexible) 

Location: Wollishofen GZ

Theme: Mission to Mars!

Cost: 595CHF

Lunch: Optional (20CHF per day)

Programme Outline!

MONDAY: Discover space and prepare for launch!

Mission Control: Team building games and introductions.

Galactic Space Slime: Discover the big bang theory and why the universe is expanding as we make stretchy slime with galaxies, stars, moons, planets, and asteroids!

Astronaut Boot Camp: Astronauts must be fit before flying to space. We enjoy in fun filled team games like “Reaction ball” “Planet pit stop” “Asteroid belt” and more to get our bodies strong and ready for space travel!

Magnetic Solar System: Create an interactive solar system and watch as your Earth orbits the sun. We use circuits to create a light emitting sun!

Shooting Stars: We practice our target skills with games like “rings of Saturn”, “shoot the hoop” and discover archery.


TUESDAY: Lift off to the moon!

Let`s Rock-It! Experiment with time, distance and temperature as we try to get the fastest and highest rocket launch using “explosive” ingredients!

Moon Ball: Helps to develop fundamental building blocks of sport like agility, balance and coordination as well as endurance, strength and flexibility.

Solar Lunar Buggy Building! Discover the advantages of using solar power in space as we build our own STEAM space buggy!

Space Gym! Astronauts need to be flexible and fit to prepare for their long space journey to Mars. Gymnastics develops agility, strength, flexibility as well as discipline, perseverance and confidence – as well as being lots of fun!


WEDNESDAY: Touch Down on Planet Mars!

Martian Rocks! Upon landing on Mars we must decide whether the Red Planet is habitable long term. We test for gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen and hydrogen as well as discovering some potential alien life!

Asteroid Attack! We develop skills for ball and racket sports including volleyball, tennis, badminton with exciting, action packed games!

Splashdown! Get ready to get wet! If the weather is good we cool off with water balloons and our giant slip and slide!

Alien Ice Cream: We use the incredible Dry Ice rocks we found on Mars to make our own experimental ice cream flavours for all the tourists that are soon to visit this Red Planet!


THURSDAY: Trip around the solar system!

Journey to Outer Space: We take a trip to the planetarium in Lucerne where we will visit the Air and Space museum and watch an incredible show in the Planetarium!


FRIDAY: Colonising new worlds!

SpaceBots: We take a trip to the Youth International Agency where we learn to code Space Rovers on Mars. Our mission is to make the planet habitable for long term survival on this planet by using robots to navigate through the terrain.

Intergalactic Space Olympics: Fun competitions and team games including obstacle course and relays!

Space party: Party games, dress up and lots of fun to end the week in space style!

Autumn Camp  1:  5th - 9th October 2020             Hogwarts`s Magic!  

Autumn Camp  2:  12th - 16th October 2020        Hogwarts`s Magic!  

50CHF off early booking! Registration is now open!

Discover the magic of science at our very special school for witches and wizards! Taking inspiration from J.K Rowling`s Harry Potter. Take part in potions class, try out divination, visit Olivanders wand shop attend a lesson in care of magical creatures and much more! Try out for the Quidditch team and even take part in our triwizard tournament!

Date: 12 - 16th Oct 2020

Time: 9:30am -  16:30pm. 

Location: Wollishofen GZ

Theme: School of Wizardry!

Cost: 595CHF

Lunch: Optional (20CHF per day)


Sorting Ceremony: With get to know you games our apprentice witches and wizards are sorted by magic into their Hogwarts House!

Potions:  Use the secrets of the half-blood Prince to concoct your own incredible, foaming, exploding, colour changing potion – take care to follow the recipe! (Great for imagination, measurements, maths, predicting, observing skills)

Quidditch Skills – Speed and Agility: Children are introduced to the game of Quidditch and “flying”. We will have lots of fun team building games, relays and obstacles to get the children active and improve their speed and agility.

Charms: We discover the secrets of the Philosopher`s Stone and use the magic of UV light to create our very own crystal that the children can wear as a necklace / take home as an ornament.



Olivander`s apprentice:  We uncover the mysteries of magical wands and learn to create our own light up wands using the science of circuits.

Quidditch Skills – Bludgers: Children learn important skills like throwing, catching and dodging through fun filled drills and games. Children also develop hand eye coordination as they practise hitting balls with games of tennis, badminton and baseball – they will always be ready to dodge and send back those beastly bludgers!

Herbology: How to train your snapdragon! We discover some magical plants like the Venus flytrap and how plants have magical tropisms allowing them to navigate a maze!

Defence against the dark arts – gymnastics: Young witches and wizards need to be fit and flexible to ensure they are ready to defeat any threats from the Dark Lord. Gymnastics trains the whole body to be strong and supply and strengthens our mind developing discipline, perseverance and confidence.



Marauders mysteries: We create our very own secret writing and use the magic of magnetism to reinvent the Maraders map!

Mischief managed: Develop skills in orienteering as we use the magical Marauders map to discover secrets of our own castle grounds!

Care of magical creatures: What`s more important in the wizarding world than communication – and where would we be without our magical postal owls! We will dissect owl pellets to discover exactly what our Owls have been up to on their travels!




Care of Magical creatures – We take an exciting trip to the Zoo to discover some incredible magic of the Muggle world and how some magical creatures are disguised – we discover how magic their adaptations really are!



Honeydukes: Test out some magical candy and experiment to make your own of Fizzing-Wizz-bangs and chocolate frogs!

Triwizard Tournament: Compete in the wizarding games to win points for your house!

Advanced Potions: Follow the half Blood Prince`s recipes to discover how to make Polyjuice potion and more!

Yule Ball: Celebrate the end of the camp in style with fun games, dress up and of course, lots of magic!

Science Workshops:

Every day we offer exciting, interactive, engaging science and STEAM workshops! It all fits in with the camp theme as we delve into some serious science depth! Our workshops are so much fun the children don't even realise they are learning! All the workshops are differentiated for our different ages that we have at camp! Past workshops have included: rocket launch, Ice cream factory, constructing bird feeders and worm farms, halloween potions, fireworks, hot ice sculptures, candle factory, thermometer making, fastest ski slope, making candy crystals and much more!


We offer a variety of sports lead by fun loving sports teachers including basketball, football, tag rugby, gymnastics, archery, table tennis, badminton, dance and yoga! The sports are based on the children´s preferences and we encourage them to try different things to discover what they enjoy - after all it is their holidays and sport is meant to be fun!


Every camp week we offer an exciting and thematically relevant ​trip. We have been to Technorama, Hergli Glasi glass blowing museum where we blew our own glass ball to take home and Zurich Zoo at our Halloween camp where we visited the "creepy" animals to discover that there really isn't anything to be scared of at all! 

Free Choice: 

Relax and enjoy stimulating activities with friends. Activities include: Adventure playground, chess, giant jenga, various games, science crafts, art, books, and mini experiments.

Lunch and Snacks: Warm, nutritious and delicious home cooked meals and snacks (lunch is optional and not included in the main price).

Past dishes have included: lasagne, pasta bake, mild creamy curry, creamed spinach and rice, sweet potato stew, cannelloni and packed lunches for the trip day. Snacks include: fruit and vegetables, humus dips, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, yogurt, cereal bars.

Aliyah T.

Nov 13, 2019

Autumn Camp

My son loved the Science and Sports camp! It was educational and fun and he can't wait to attend another one. Highly recommend.

Karin M.

Nov 13, 2019

Autumn Camp

My 7 year old daughter had a blast at Spark Science! Emma was patient, kind and really engaging with all the kids. My daughter was excited to go every day and learn cool new things. There was also a delicious lunch provided. We will definitely be back for one of your camps again and would highly recommend

Rolla C.

Nov 10, 2019

Autumn Camp

Super educational and fun camp - Combo of science, sports, craft as well as healthy meals and snacks. Both my kids (9 and 5yo) absolutely loved it and still talk about it and the memories they made and good friends they met. Sparking Emma and her team marked them with their passion and attention to details. We will be back!

Dan B.

Nov 10, 2019

Summer Camp

My 9 year old son participated in the summer camp and had a lot of fun while learning interesting scientific facts. Emma and the whole team were great and prepared the right mix of physical and mental activities. He definitely wants to go again.

Vicki K

Nov 10, 2019

Autumn Camp

My 9 year old daughter participated in the October camp. She loved going every day and every day would return home super happy to describe her day. All the activities were well prepared and inclusive for all kids. Emma and her team were AMAZING. Every evening she sent out a recap of the day and included tons of pictures. I am sure we will be participating in a future camp. Highly recommended

Jonathon T.

Nov 10, 2019

Summer Camp

Emma‘s camp was amazing and got my daughter so excited about science that she wanted a science birthday party. Emma did that as well and it was amazing. 4 months later the kids are all still talking about it.

Lauren K.

Oct 28, 2019

Autumn Camp

Both my daughters ages 6 and 7 years attended the Sparks Science Camp Oct 2019.  Its the first camp that they were super excited everyday to attend.  Emma and her team are enthusiastic and happy and keep the day exciting for the kids, using their minds with all the fun experiments and then mixing it up with physical activity.  At the end of the day Emma sends out a detailed description of all they did so I could talk to them about their day.  The fact that we could continue the learning/fun even after the camp speaks volumes to their experience.  My daughters are already asking when they can go back and we will for sure be return campers! 

Heather F.

Oct 20, 2019

Autumn Camp

My 9 year old absolutely loved the camp, and couldn't get enough of the experiments. The balance with sports - and the fantastic variety and free choice was great. Daily recaps were a lovely surprise and fantastic for allowing us parents to talk more with the kids about what they learned and what they liked. We are very much looking forward to another opportunity to participate again!


Oct 19, 2019

Autumn Camp

Our kid went to a Spark Science camp during October holidays of the first school year and loved all of it: the experiments, the trips, the people, the food -- now we're all sad that we've already booked vacation over the week of the February camp, but we're definitely coming back in summer.

Shalini R.

Sept 16, 2019

Summer Camp

My son attended a science themed birthday party with Electric Emma and then attended a week long science and sports camp over the summer with her. The week was packed with fun, engaging and educational experiments and activities including a trip Technorama. They made slime, candy crystals, fizzy bath bombs, learned about invertebrates, magnets and lots more! My son loved every minute of it and at the end of the week he declared that Electric Emma was his favorite teacher ever. He wants her as his full time teacher and was very sad when camp ended!😊 He is looking forward to attending any camps Emma has to offer in the future. Highly recommend Emma and Spark Science to anyone looking for camps (or birthday parties) for their kids!


Sept 4, 2019

Summer Camp

My two sons aged 8 and 9 attended the sport and science summer camp in Egg. They definitely loved it! Their basic command of English was not a problem, and they enjoyed the variety of activities proposed (never imposed!). As parents, we have appreciated Emma's professionnalism -all was so well organized, and her human qualities. The daily report mailed with pictures everyday was the icing on the cake.

Caleb. G

Caleb G.

Aug 30, 2019

Summer Camp

My son attended a week-long Spark Science camp this past summer and had an absolute blast. He was exposed to a lot of new concepts and ideas during the camp, which fueled his enthusiasm for science. Emma's passion for science and teaching children is clear. I overheard a girl tell her mother, at the end of the second day of camp, "this was the best day of my life mom!"  Emma clearly goes the extra mile to ensure that her camps are an unforgettable experience for the children. I would send my son back in an instant.

Sarah S__edited.jpg

Sarah S.

August 26, 2019

Summer Camp

My son attended a week long camp during the summer. It was a perfect mix of learning and sport. My son really enjoyed going and excitedly came home every day and told me about the things he had learned. The trip to Technorama was also a highlight for him. Emma emailed daily with a thorough update of the days activities which I really appreciated. Emma is friendly, enthusiastic about what she does and very professional.

Magdelena Z.

July 30, 2019

Summer Camp

The best camp I ever saw! Everything on the very high level: organisation, fun, materials, teachers, time. Highly recommend!

Anne P.

July 25, 2019

Summer Camp

My girls had a great time at camp this summer. Emma and her staff were very engaging and the girls were excited to attend each day. I’m thankful to have found such a wonderful camp and we hope to return next year!

Kaj M.

July 25, 2019

Summer Camp

Electric Emma held a fantastic Science and Sport camp in Wöllishofen. Our daughter came home every day excited, inspired, and happily exhausted. The activities were perfectly picked for the age groups so that the kids were engaged and really absorbed the information. There was a lot of learning and tons of fun. And including sports each day made for a well balanced physical and mental adventure. The food was healthy and delicious and the kids were well taken care of the entire week. And Emma provided daily summary emails and pictures to the families which really help us see the fun they were having. We will certainly be taking part in more Spark science fun in the future! Thank you!

Aviva T.

July 18, 2019

Summer Camp

Emma, I hope you know how awesome you are.  L has had nothing but great things to say about the camp. She gives it a two thumbs up every day when she comes home. I also really appreciate the effort you have made to provide the kids with delicious healthy meals. She has also given two thumbs up to this! 

Karin M.

June 22, 2019

Summer Camp

Our 7 year old daughter just spent this past week at the summer camp and she loved every single minute of it! It was so well organized and Emma did a fantastic job keeping the kids entertained the whole day. Every day was jam packed with interesting and interactive experiments where kids would learn and get educated. They also did a lot of sports activities, had a great lunch and even a trip to Technorama. Emma also made sure to update us daily with pics on the activities the children did. My daughter is already asking to go the next camp during the autumn break. Highly Recommend!!!!



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