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Science themed birthday parties to inspire, educate and entertain children aged 5-11 years.


Take a look at our exciting party themes below

  • Become a paleontologist, make a fossil & witness a volcanic eruption!

    1 hr

    350 Swiss francs
  • Discover the magic of unicorns and the science of rainbows!

    1 hr

    350 Swiss francs
  • Magic potions, genies in bottles and spooky glow slime!

    1 hr 30 min

    500 Swiss francs
  • Exciting science demos and hands on experiments!

    1 hr

    350 Swiss francs
  • Spend up to an hour making all the slime you ever dreamed of!

    1 hr

    320 Swiss francs
  • Discover the science behind Hogwart`s magic!

    1 hr 30 min

    500 Swiss francs

Our Party Add-Ons!

SubZero Science

Dry Ice Experiments

Dry Ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide. At -78 *C it sublimes - turning from solid to gas. It is heavier than air so the vapour sinks producing a spectacular white vapour cloud that covers your floor.

We perform different experiments depending on the party theme.

Cost: 95CHF 

Time: 15 minutes

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Cotton Candy

A sweet treat for all your guests to enjoy. Children can discover the science of spun sugar as they watch it being made! This will add on an extra 15-20 minutes to your party. We take a short break of 10 minutes after the main party to clean up before we serve this to your guests.

Cost: 75CHF


Gift bags

Thank your guests for celebrating with you as you offer each of them a party gift bag to continue the science fun at home. Depending on the party theme we offer different gift bags containing a selection of science toys.

Cost: 15CHF each

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Ready to get your SPARK SCIENCE Party started?

Happy Customers!

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Here`s what parents have to say about some of our parties

Bubbles, Bangs and Burning

Rainbows and Unicorns

Harry Potter Party

Bubbles, Bangs and Burning

Anybody that can keep 6 and 4 years old entertained and interested in science for 90 mins deserves a big compliment! Emma is an amazing teacher. My daughters loved their party..the bracelet was a super nice touch for them....they love the fire and the colours... They want now to be scientists. Thank you for the wonderful party!

Emma organised a wonderful Rainbows and Unicorns 6th birthday party for my daughter, the kids all had a great time! Emma kept them interested and engaged the whole time and the experiments were really fun, I would definitely recommend a Spark Science party!

Lucy, Jan 2020

Herlinda, Jan 2020

Dearest Electric Emma. It was AMAZING! The kids were in awe and I totally loved what you came up with!!! You must offer a HP package like this! We really appreciate and love your work! We are looking forward to having you back again. (for the 3rd year in a row!)

Nina, Jan 2021

For my son's sixth birthday, we had Spark Science's Bubbles, Bangs and Burning party. It was a HUGE hit. Fusion Fabian was fantastic and kept the kids entertained the whole time. He was perfectly able to educate and capture their attention. Truly, learning made fun. The set up was easy and uncomplicated, and the gift bags were also VERY cool. All details were thought through and covered. It was very easy for me to just watch and enjoy the kids having a good time. Would highly recommend to anyone.

Courtney, Dec 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions 

We need

  • Clear floor space where the children can sit in a semi circle around our presenter with at least 2 meters distance between child and presenter.

  • Access to a sink / drain and running water. 

  • A table large enough for the children to stand around to do their experiments on.

  • Electricity - If you choose the Add-On Cotton Candy.

Do I need to provide anything?

To book a party go to book now and reserve your preferred party theme and date. All parties can be done in English. Some parties can be led in German. You will be asked to pay for the party online after filling out your party details. If you choose any add ons they will be invoiced seperately.  We will confirm via telephone all your party details. Payment must be received prior to the party 

How do I pay?

Extras can be added up to 10 days before your party date. 

We order Dry Ice from our supplier and need advance notice. Due to the current situation there is a global shortage of dry ice. This means it is currently not always possible to order Dry Ice and depends on our suppliers availabilty. 

Please let us know as soon as you can about any changes and we will do our best to accommodate your wishes.

Can I make changes to my party?

If you live less than 50 minutes from Zurich, 8038 (based on google maps fastest driving route), then we can still celebrate with you! There is an additional 75CHF fee when the drive is over 20 minutes to account for presenter travel costs and time.

I live more than 20 minutes away, can you travel to me?

Our parties are suitable for a maximum of 18 or 20 children with two presenters. If you would like to invite more children, we can offer you an interactive science show / fun station instead.


Please get in touch with us for more information.


This is also dependent on government guidelines regarding corona.

Can I invite more than 20 children?

Some party themes (like Harry Potter Party) have an age requirement due to the nature of the experiments.


Most themes are designed for all ages. Our skilled presenters adapt to their audience with modified / slightly different experiments ensuring the children have the best possible experience. This means that no matter which party theme you choose your guests are sure to leave with a big smile on their faces!

Is the party suitable for my child`s age?

Our parties are thoroughly planned and assessed to minimize risk to the children and adults involved.


The chemicals we use are diluted to safe levels and within government safety guidelines. Where possible we use household ingredients.

We take preventative measures to ensure safety with dry ice. Children are not allowed to touch the Dry ice. Doors and windows should be open where possible to ensure good ventilation.

For more details on safety please click here.

Are the parties safe?

Parties start from 295CHF for up to 10 guests for 1 hour. 

Party price depends on the theme.

You can then choose to have Add-Ons like Dry Ice Experiments, Cotton Candy or Gift bags which cost extra. 

There is an additional charge for more party guests, Spark Science Staff and milage outside of 8038 Zurich area.

What is the cost of a party?

We adhere to current governmental guidelines present at the time. 

We encourage good hygiene, wear masks when appropriate (however, due to the nature of the experiments we may not always be able to do so) and ensure our staff have COVID certificates when required.


What are the safety measures in place for Corona virus?
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Please do get in touch if you have any other questions

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