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Dino Dig

Become a paleontologist, make a fossil & witness a volcanic eruption!


Explore an ancient dig site discovering fossils and prehistoric remains! Take care of the baby dinosaur eggs - they`re ready to hatch! Create a fossil of your own and witness an incredible volcanic eruption. Take Home Experiment: Insect in Amber IMPORTANT DETAILS: Age: 5-11 Duration: 1 hour Location: Venue of your choice Language: English or German with Kilowatt Katy, English only with Electric Emma Maximum number of children: 12 (this includes the birthday child) ADD ONS: Dry Ice Experiments: Magical, spectacular experiments with frozen carbon dioxide. including (150chf, 30 minute interactive demos) Cotton Candy: Impress your guests with the science of spun sugar, have a go at making your own and enjoy a sweet treat of delicious candy floss! (100 chf) Party Bags: 12 chf each Please note: We collect dry ice from an external supplier the last working day before your party. On very rare occasions dry ice may not be available. In this case we would offer an alternative experiment or refund you in full). ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Sent via invoice closer to the date of your party PARTY REQUIREMENTS: We come to a venue of your choice (your home, garden or rented venue of your choice). The party requires a space on the floor where we can do demos and the children can sit around and watch. We need a table where all the children can stand around to do their take home experiment. We bring table protectors to protect your table. The party set up will require a drain, warm water, a bin and electricity (if you have chosen to add cotton candy). During the entertainment, for safety reasons children should not eat or drink and must wash their hands after the party, before they eat. Our presenters will arrive 20 minutes before the party starts and will aim to leave within 20 minutes of the party ending. During set up and clean up our presenters need a space away from the children so they can safely prepare and clear away everything. We will contact you via telephone to confirm all your party details at least 4 days prior to your party. If for any reason you have not spoken to us within 3 days of your party please contact us on 0794116274 or send an email to 

  • 1 h
  • 350 Swiss francs
  • Venue specified by customer

Cancellation Policy

Party cancellations prior to 4 weeks of the party date will be offered a full refund (minus admin charges of 25chf). Party cancellation within 2-4 weeks of the party date will be refunded minus 150CHF. It is unlikely we can fill the spot with such short notice and we have to pay our presenters. Party cancellation within 1 week of the party date will be refunded minus 200 CHF. A change of date within the week will incur a 150chf admin fee as we cannot fill the spot and we must pay our presenters. Cancellation of dry ice will incur a 85CHF fee to cover costs. Please note that refunds will be made less any payment processing charges from our payment providers. For more details please see:

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