Party Bags!

Packed full of exciting, science themed gifts!

Treat your guests to an amazing party bag packed full of 7 exciting and educational science themed toys and delicious candy!

Science themed party bag items

Click to launch and then catch the ball!
Crack the stick and watch the glow as the chemicals react!
Go wild for cute critter temporary tattoos!
Colourful slinky fun - can you make it walk down stairs?!
Bend and bounce this colourful tube toy!
Acid, alkali or neutral? Test substances at home!
Trick your friends with this fun, bendy, unbreakable pencil!
Bold, bright and full of bounce!
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Split light into rainbow colours!
How fast can you spin it?
Watch in amazement as your insta snow expands!
Fall in love with your cute, glowing squishy friend!
Bouncing brilliant fun with this balloon polymer!
Write secrets, then decipher the code!
Build and fly your very own glider plane!
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